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Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

in Rockville, Maryland

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Fees and Insurance
Fees and Insurance
Most patients begin with sessions once per week. As their condition improves, most patients reduce the frequency to once per month or once every three months. Scheduling is flexible and based on the patient's clinical condition and ability to come in for treatment.
Medicare and Tricare

1. We submit Medicare and Tricare charges directly to the local carriers. If the patient has another insurance plan that is primary or secondary to Medicare or Tricare, we send the bill to these plans as well.

2. We prefer payment of any copay or deductible at the time of the session.

Other Health Plans

1. We do not participate with other health plans or directly submit our charges to them.

2. Most patients pay at the time of the session, and then submit the bill to their health plans for reimbursement.



Initial Evaluation                $250

Follow-up, 50 minutes       $200

Follow-up, 20-25 minutes  $150

Report Preparation            $200/hour

Missed appointment          $50

Late cancellation               $50 (with less than 48 hours notice)